AVG Venture Clubs

Venture investing with friends, teammates, and colleagues


About AVG Venture Clubs

Many individuals may find venture investing with friends, colleagues, and family a better experience than going it alone. AVG Venture Clubs offer smart, simple venture investing with the community of your choosing.

How it Works:

  • Access to select opt-in Syndication deals per year, led by established venture firms
  • Exercise your venture investing muscles
  • AVG-provided private portal for your group
  • Opportunities to collaborate and learn more about venture investing
  • You make a personal decision on each investment

Note that in order to invest, Club members must be accredited and invest in a diversified AVG venture fund.


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How to Get Started

3 Simple Steps to Establishing a Club

  1. Club presidents define and name groups (with our approval), set deal frequency, and target group size and membership.
  2. AVG helps with recruiting and educating members.
  3. Members sign up, and you start reviewing deals.


3 Things to Know

  1. Club minimum is 3 members, including President.
  2. Clun members select an AVG diversified fund to invest in.
  3. Club members sign up separately and hold individual accounts. Every Syndication deal is an individual decision: opt in or out.

Potential Groups for Venture Clubs

  • Families
  • Co-workers
  • Local/tegional Alumni chapters and clubs
  • Angel groups
  • Executive education and business school classmates
  • Women-in-business groups
  • Corporate and alumni associations
  • Teammates
  • Friends
  • Legal firms
  • Medical practices
  • Existing clubs


Why Venture Clubs Are a Great Opportunity to Invest with Your Friends and Colleagues

What are AVG Venture Clubs?

AVG Venture Clubs are groups of accredited investors who want to share the experience of evaluating venture deals together. Clubs must have a minimum of 3 members.

How do I create a Venture Club?

It’s easy. AVG does most of the work to help you organize. 1) A Club President connects with AVG to talk through the process. 2) Club President picks name, deal frequency, and target size and club membership. 3) AVG provides Club Presidents with materials to share with potential members and organizes a group call or meeting with AVG. 4) Establishing a club can take just a few weeks, with each member signing up for the AVG fund of his/her choice. 5) AVG provides a private online portal where the group can discuss their venture investments, review and score Syndication deals, and share other news.

What is an AVG Syndication Deal?

AVG offers Venture Club members access to our Syndications. This is the chance to opt into a deal being done by an AVG fund where we’ve negotiated extra allocation. Members can review our due diligence materials and decide if they want to invest in that particular deal. Members are invited to discuss and score deals in an AVG-provided private portal. The frequency of deal opportunities is up to the Club President, and exact timing and nature of the deal will vary.

What are the benefits of Clubs?

It starts with building a diversified venture portfolio by investing in any AVG fund. From there, Club members can review opt-in Syndication deals to supplement their venture portfolio. Other benefits may also apply depending on the size of your Club. Venture Clubs are intended to be an engaging and rewarding experience, with members learning together.