AVG Total Access Fund

AVG's most index-like fund

What Is the Total Access Fund?

Invest in every AVG deal over approximately 1 year

AVG’s Total Access Fund provides a diverse portfolio of deals across sector, stage, geography, and lead investor

  • All deals have been sourced and sponsored by an Alumni Fund and vetted via our AVG approval process and scoring system
  • With one investment, own a portfolio of ~200-300 diversified venture investments
  • Invest in every AVG deal during a ~12 month period
  • Our most index-like venture fund

How We Work

We are process-based venture investors

Robust Deal Sourcing and Diligence

  • ~50 investment professionals sourcing and vetting deals out of 5 offices
  • Supplemented by support from our network of 500k subscribers and community members
  • Data-rich and process-based vetting and due diligence with process-based deal scoring
  • Co-investing alongside leading venture capital investors

AVG’s Investment Process

  • We evaluate each deal on four measures: Lead Investor Quality, Deal Valuation and Terms, Growth Opportunity for the Company, and the Management Team
  • AVG’s centralized investment team, led by our CIO and Office of Investing (OOI), formulaically allocates a portion of our total AVG investment into the Total Access Fund
  • Total Access Funds portfolios are constructed over ~12 months, starting from the initial investment date

AVG's Investing Process

We’ve made 410+ investments, and AVG has become one of the most active VC firms in the world.

We Offer Smart, Simple Venture Portfolios

Actively managed venture capital portfolios with community


  • An AVG Total Access Fund portfolio consists of ~200-300 investments, diversified by stage, sector, geography, and lead investor
  • Fund is constructed for you over ~12 months
  • Venture portfolio professionally constructed by our experienced investment teams
  • Co-investing alongside leading venture investors
  • Leveraging Portfolio Theory to build large, diversified portfolios to improve the portfolio risk/reward profile


  • $50K minimum
  • Read more about AVG Fees & Profit Sharing here
  • White-glove services from our experienced Investor Relations team
  • 24/7 Investor Portal access
  • Receive one K-1 statement per fund investment

The AVG Syndicate

Syndications are opportunities to invest in single asset funds that give you more exposure to a specific company you may be excited about and in which one or more of our AVG Funds will also be investing.


Rigetti is a full-stack quantum computing start-up. It focuses on designing and manufacturing superconducting quantum integrated circuits, building software to enable quantum computing, and integrating its systems into a cloud infrastructure.

Co-investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Data Collective, and Y Combinator.


Tembo Health provides a telemedicine platform connecting nursing home residents with specialized care providers through an intuitive video chat platform. This enables patients to access convenient, high-value specialty medical care at a safe distance.

Co-investors include Bloomberg Beta Founder and General Partner Karen Klein.


Wasabi provides open, reliable, and easy-to-use cloud storage. Wasabi's cloud storage is six times faster than Amazon's S3 but costs 1/5 of the price. It remains plug-in-compatible with all applications that work on S3.

Co-investors include Forestay Capital

How It Works

  • Investors can opt into syndication as they wish.
  • Opportunities are sourced by our 40+ full-time investment professionals and our Office of Investments.
  • All opportunities have passed our diligence process and are being invested in by one or more of our funds.
  • Minimums are typically $25K per opportunity, or $10K for venture club members.
  • Typically, only about 5-10% of our investments are offered to our Syndicate.

Total Access Portfolio

AVG's most index-like fund


Sample 2019 Deals

Representative AVG deals.

AVG is Exclusively a Co-Investor

Examples of leading VC firms we've co-invested with.