Venture Fellow Program

Learn VC by doing VC | Accelerate Your Career

Venture capital is one of the most challenging industries to break into.

The AVG Venture Fellow Program is a one-of-a-kind career accelerator and educational experience.
It is the best on-ramp to a career in VC.

  1. Hands-on experience in all aspects of the Venture Capital industry
  2. Networking and mentorship opportunities working with our fund managing partners and teams
  3. A robust, self-paced, remote academic curriculum to learn core skills
  4. Access to an amazing community of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, investors, and operators

Alumni Ventures Group is committed to increasing opportunities for underrepresented groups, promoting gender, racial, and ethnic diversity in the venture industry.

By the Numbers


Elite Fellows

200 graduates of elite universities have completed the AVG Venture Fellow Program.


Career Acceleration Within 6 Months

Program graduates rapidly move into careers in venture or entrepreneurship post-completion.


Diverse Participation is Part of Our Mission

We believe that increasing participation in the venture industry will deliver better outcomes for the industry.

What Our Fellows Say

The Venture Fellow Program provided me with an incredibly rare opportunity to turn what was a nascent interest in venture capital into a meaningful career transition into the industry. Thanks to the flexibility of the program, I was able to take on meaningful projects that often proved to be more helpful during my VC interview process than the work I was doing at my full-time position. Everyone on the team has been a phenomenal mentor and reference and, more than any other organization at Dartmouth, Green D has allowed me to remain connected to the College and fellow alumni.”

Chris Parker (Dartmouth '11)

It is an understatement to say that the Venture Fellow Program has been an incredible experience. As a lifelong, passionate learner, I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity during this phenomenal phase in technology. I get the opportunity to not only observe innovation so closely but also contribute to the progress of our society.”

Esha Sahai (MIT Sloan '15)

“The Venture Fellow Program played an important role in my career transition to venture capital. It is a unique opportunity to gain relevant experience, demonstrate interest, and build a network in the VC industry. The flexible hours and work schedule make it possible to be a part of the program even with a strenuous full-time job. The expertise of the team, in combination with their willingness to help, plays a large part in the value of the program.”

Ryan Isono (Harvard '15)

The Venture Fellow Program was key in expanding my professional network and forming connections for future job opportunities. Through the program, I have been able to establish relationships that benefit Blue Ivy Ventures and build our Yale alumni community base, but also I have received resources from the program that have served me well in building my career in the renewable energy industry.”

Sarah Guzick (Yale '13)

The Venture Fellow Program was a critical stepping-stone for my career in the financial sector. It gave me the opportunity to crystallize my understanding of the private investment sphere and learn the mechanics of capital raising. My experience was not only fulfilling from a personal growth standpoint, it was the leverage that I needed to land a subsequent role in the private equity industry.”

Tyler Varga (Yale '15)

Program Mission


Provide an unprecedented opportunity to learn venture capital.


Open to all qualified candidates. Working to level the playing field in the venture industry.


Get hands-on experience in the VC industry and build your network.

How is the program structured?

The program is a 12-month structured educational experience. It is 100% remote and is designed to be flexible to accommodate your schedule.

Semester 1: Months 1-6

  • Learn via our foundational VC101 Required Curriculum
  • Get to know to Alumni Ventures Group, our funds, and our partners
  • Network with successful alumni of industries relevant to VC
  • Introduce your fellow alumni to our funds and communities
  • Facilitate introductions between investors, entrepreneurs, and our deal teams

Semester 2: Months 7-12

  • Get hands-on investing experience with our fund management teams
  • Complete due diligence on live investment opportunities
  • Learn and engage in deal sourcing (finding investment opportunities)
  • Research exciting new companies and technology

Why Join the Program?

The Venture Fellow Program strives to provide numerous benefits and valuable learning experiences for each fellow. As a participant in the Venture Fellow program, you will:

Learn Venture Capital
  • Build your knowledge base with our online Venture Fellow Academy
  • Practical learning experiences and valuable skill-building 
  • Unprecedented opportunities to practice venture
Build Your Network
  • Access to a national peer network of rising stars of entrepreneurship
  • Build relationships with our team of experienced investors
  • Grow your own alumni network, while helping the fund
Transition Your Career to Venture Capital
  • Add VC to your resume
  • Get your foot in the door in the industry, accessing a rare opportunity in the field
  • Gain meaningful, impactful stories to tell in your next job interview
  • Develop high-value references to support your career next steps

Want to Learn More?

Learn more about the Venture Fellow Program!

Who Should Apply?

The Venture Fellow Program is highly competitive. Fellows are the brightest minds from the nation’s top universities. They are the next generation of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. 

Fellows come from all walks of life and all different stages of careers. We look for Fellows with these characteristics:

  • Curiosity. You research venture capital, startups, and innovation on your own.
  • Initiative. You reach out first. Follow up until the opportunity arises. Make your own way.
  • Leadershrip. You take initiative to drive improvement. Hold yourself to the highest standards.
  • Communication. You’re clear and succinct. Prompt on email. Excellent time management.
  • Self-reliance. You set and hit deadlines. Go above and beyond. Know how to learn new skills.
  • Affinity. You have deep ties to your university. Want to give back.

To learn more about the eligibility criteria, please refer to our Application Information Page.

No experience in venture capital is required. There is no cost to apply and there is no cost to participate in the program. 


“The Venture Fellow Program has provided me with an opportunity to explore the knowledge behind a career path that is high-impact and fast-paced, in a field which exposure is generally rare. The program is flexible, allowing me to ramp up or down my efforts as my full-time job permits, and I have had the opportunity to build a strong network, perform research and due diligence to inform the decisions of our team, and meet an overwhelmingly positive group of people.”

Akash Agarwal (MIT '16)

Through the Venture Fellows Program, I have had the incredible opportunity to work directly with the Principal and Managing Partner of the fund. I have learned a great deal in a very short time by supporting key initiatives, interfacing with the Investment Committee, and contributing to due diligence reports. The opportunities to grow and connect are endless. At all levels, the AVG team is very accessible, and has shown a genuine interest in my success in the program and beyond.”

Kimmy Paluch (Dartmouth '04)

“After a decade of working in the federal government, I knew I wanted to transition to the world of finance. The Blue Ivy Ventures Fellow Program gave me an entry into private equity and venture capital that I would absolutely never have had otherwise. A classroom M.B.A. is one thing, but the program has given me the practical, on-the-ground experience necessary to compete in today’s business climate. Best of all, I am connecting with Yalies across the globe with similar interests and rapidly expanding my professional network.”

Casey Street (Yale '06)

“One of the biggest reasons people go to business school is to build professional networks, and students pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for access to that kind of network. AVG’s Venture Fellow Program provides me and the other Fellows with the same focused, high-powered network. The program even goes a step further and provides a custom curriculum on VC. In this sense, the AVG fellow program is better than going to an individual business school. I very much look forward to the journey ahead with both the funds and the Venture Fellow Program.”

Yang Zhang (Yale MPH '17)

How do I apply?

The Venture Fellow Program hosts two cohorts per year, one in January and one in July. For more information on the application process and deadlines, please refer to our Application Information Page.

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