Alumni Ventures Group Offshore Vehicle

Simplifying the investing process for non-US based investors in certain jurisdictions

Overview of the Offshore Vehicle

Alumni Ventures Group has established a Cayman Islands-domiciled vehicle for non-US based investors wishing to invest with us. The vehicle effectively stands between the US Taxing Authority (IRS) and its underlying investors, handling all US tax filing obligations and eliminating the need for non-US investors to register with the IRS.*

Non-US investors enjoy the same portfolio, access and transparency, but in a vehicle that is more administratively and tax efficient for them.

Benefits of AVG’s Offshore Vehicle to Non-US Investors

Non-US-based persons investing in the vehicle generally need not:

  • Register for a US SSN or ITIN*
  • File a US Tax Return*
  • Pay US Capital Gains Tax**

A simple, streamlined investing process

  • Legal documents and subscription process are effectively the same as our US-based LLCs.
  • One set of documents, one check—even if making investments in more than one of our funds.

No additional or hidden fees

  • Subject to our fee structure
  • AVG bears all administrative and operational costs associated with the vehicle

Click here if you are a non-US based accredited investor
and are interested in learning more about AVG’s offshore vehicle.

* You may need to file US tax returns or have a US SSN or ITIN for reasons unrelated to the vehicle. Non-US entities still may be required to obtain a GIIN. All investors should consult their local advisers as it relates to legal and tax matters of such vehicles in their own jurisdiction.

**Provided you reside in the US for less than 183 days. The vehicle generally will not make investments that are considered to be effectively connected to a US trade or business for federal tax purposes, but if it did, certain additional taxes would apply. Taxes based on your local jurisdiction may still apply.

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