Smart, Simple Venture Capital

For Family Offices, RIAs, Corporate Investor Groups, and More

What We Offer: Smart, Simple Venture Capital

AVG has been providing investors with unprecedented access to venture capital since 2014. Our approach has resonated with investors because we offer

  • Access to top venture capital deals that others don’t
  • Smart risk -adjusted returns through portfolio diversity and by co-investing with leading VCs
  • Variety of fund options to suit portfolio goals
  • Tremendous deal flow as one of the most active VCs in the US
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Our Fund Options: Serving Your Goals

Funds that are commonly of interest to our institutional clients:

  • Total Access Fund invests in every AVG deal to provide an index-like venture option; no fee stacking.
  • Select Fund, which programmatically invests in select AVG deals to deliver a portfolio that mirrors the venture industry.
  • Focused Funds, each with a specific investing thesis such as Social Impact (double-bottom line), Elite Engineers (hard tech), Women’s (women led or focused), and more.
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Our Competitive Edge: The AVG Network

Hundreds of CEOs, thousands of investors, and hundreds of thousands of community members help us source, access, and evaluate investments. That network also helps us attract entrepreneurs and get into future rounds as we connect our portfolio companies to investors, potential employees, customers, and partners in our community. Learn More.

Our Approach: Supporting Your Needs

  • Transparency and timely updates via our proprietary investor portal with Admin functions
  • White glove customer service
  • Quarterly, Mark-to-Round, reporting
  • Offshore Investment Vehicle
  • Platform compatible via TD Ameritrade with more coming
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