The AVG Family of Funds

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AVG’s Funds

Learn more about our smart, simple venture funds for accredited investors. Whether you choose a Core or Focused offering—or both—you’ll own a diverse portfolio of ~20-30 venture investments, per fund. In each deal, AVG’s strategy is to co-invest alongside an established VC investor.

Core or Focused Funds

Core Funds: Smart, simple diversified venture capital portfolios.

Focused Funds: Funds with specific venture strategies to supplement your core portfolio.

Portfolios of
~20-30 investments

Diversified by sector, stage,
and lead investor

investment: $50K

Total Access Fund
Open to All Investors
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Waterman Ventures
Brown Alums

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Fission Ventures
Columbia Alums
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Triphammer Ventures
Cornell Alums
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Green D Ventures
Dartmouth Alums
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Towerview Ventures
Duke Alums
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The Yard Ventures
Harvard Alums

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Castor Ventures
MIT Alums
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Purple Arch Ventures
NWU Alums
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Chestnut St. Ventures
Penn Alums
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Nassau Street Ventures
Princeton Alums
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Spike Ventures
Stanford Alums
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Strawberry Creek
UC Berkeley Alums
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Expo Ventures
USC Alums
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Congress Avenue
U Texas Alums
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Westwood Ventures
UCLA Alums
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Bascom Ventures
Wisconsin Alums
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Blue Ivy Ventures
Yale Alums
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Portfolios of
~20-30 investments

All investments fit
specific focus of fund

Minimum investment:
Varies; generally $25K

Open to all accredited investors.

Deep Tech Fund
Engineers Tackling the Hardest Problems
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First Check Fund
Early-stage Startups
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Social Impact Fund
Impact-driven Venture
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Women’s Fund
Women-led Startups
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