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A podcast about leveraging venture capital to build great companies, brought you by host Shelley Hunter (Gift Card Girlfriend) and producer Ryan Burleson (New York Times, Boston Globe)

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EP 59: Applying Analytics to Address Biases in the Workplace
January 7, 2020 Timi Dayo-Kayode | Co-Founder and CEO of Worksense

Timi Dayo-Kayode co-founded Worksense to provide people ops professionals with scalable, real-time analytics for identifying, mitigating, and preventing biases in major decisions involving employees. Timi is a Grant Recipient from the 10,000 Entrepreneurs program (or 10KE), a nonprofit founded by Alumni Ventures Group to help young adults explore entrepreneurial careers.

EP 58: How Two Student Athletes Developed the First Engineered Tampon
December 24, 2019 Greta Meyer and Amanda Calabrese | Co-Founders of Tempo

Stanford alums and Tempo Co-Founders Greta Meyer and Amanda Calabrese looked at tampon leakage as an engineering problem and developed a solution based on fluid mechanics. Amanda and Greta are also Grant Recipients from the 10,000 Entrepreneurs (or 10KE) program, an initiative of Alumni Ventures Group aimed at helping young adults explore entrepreneurial careers.

EP 57: Why Alumni Ventures Group Is Investing in the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow
December 19, 2019 Drew Wandzilak | Head of Outreach for the 10,000 Entrepreneurs (10KE) Initiative

Alumni Ventures Group's 10,000 Entrepreneurs (10KE) initiative is aimed at helping young adults explore entrepreneurial careers. The program is coordinated by Drew Wandzilak, a self-described entrepreneurial junkie who was attracted to AVG’s mission of expanding access to venture capital. Listen as Drew talks about the history, mission, and progress of the 10KE program.

EP 56: The Software Team That’s Revolutionizing Sleep Health
November 27, 2019 Daniel Gartenberg | CEO and Co-founder of Sonic Sleep

Marc Bushala, CEO of Heaven’s Door Spirits, talks about the ease and challenges of starting a brand with a highly-coveted celebrity endorsement.

BONUS EPISODE: Celebrating the First Anniversary of Spirits & Startups in Boston
November 6, 2019 Scott Murphy | Producer, Founders & Funders

In October 2019, AVG returned to Boston to host the latest installment of its investor appreciation series, Spirits & Startups. Producer Scott Murphy joined the team in Boston to capture the sights and sounds of the event. Listen to our podcast from the event or read a summary episode.

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