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EP 39: How One Globetrotting Princeton Alum Became Managing Partner of Nassau Street Ventures

Guest: Tom Meyer (Princeton BSE '87, Yale MBA '98)

EP 39: How One Globetrotting Princeton Alum Became Managing Partner of Nassau Street Ventures

Tom Meyer | Managing Partner at Nassau Street Ventures

This week on Founders & Funders, Tom Meyer—Managing Partner of Nassau Street Ventures—talks about the unparalleled asset allocation opportunity on offer for Princeton University alums.

Tom Meyer, Managing Partner of Nassau Street Ventures

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Disclaimer: This is not a solicitation to sell securities, which is only done through appropriate disclosure documents and only to appropriately qualified investors.

Episode Summary

Tom Meyer is Managing Partner at Nassau Street Ventures, which enables alums of Princeton University to access top-tier, diversified venture portfolios. In this episode, Meyer details his close connection to Princeton, what excites him about the Ivy institution’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and how Nassau Street is able to co-invest alongside the world’s top VCs. He also shares more about how Nassau Street collaborates with sibling funds at Alumni Ventures Group to uncover the best opportunities across the venture spectrum.

Currently, Nassau Street Ventures is nearing the close for its first fund, though Meyer says he’s still booking calls for the few remaining spots.

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Three Quotes

On AVG’s deal flow: I’ve done a lot of angel investing. When I do that, we’re looking at maybe a few hundred deals a year … The flow of deals here is the most I have ever seen. We are seeing thousands and thousands and thousands of deals.”

On first jobs in a small town: I swapped tapes and cut lawns and worked in the library and walked dogs and babysat—a little of everything. That’s a mix of all the little jobs you can do in a small town. My first real job, my business in college, was running a franchise of a house painting company. I learned a lot from that experience.”

On spending his free time: “I’m a big sailor, a boater. I’ve sailed across the Atlantic and raced in Shields National competitions—that’s like a half-scale model of America’s Cup. I’ve got my own boat, an old trawler that we use to cruise with the family up and down the New England coast. I’m certainly happiest when I’m out on the water.”

About Our Guest

Tom Meyer is an experienced CEO and strategic consultant. Prior to becoming Managing Partner of Nassau Street Ventures and Senior Partner at Alumni Ventures Group, he was the Chief Operating Officer of OnePak, the leading reverse logistics software company. Meyer has also served as a consultant to more than 30 companies, advising on corporate development, sales and marketing, financing, strategic planning, and business transformation.

Meyer brings a global perspective to business, having lived in Europe and Asia and worked in 40 countries around the globe. He earned an engineering degree from Princeton University and an MBA from the Yale School of Management, and he’s the former chair of the Princeton Entrepreneurs’ Network of Boston.

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