EP 28: Three Things Berkeley Grads Should Know About VC

Peter Loukianoff | Managing Partner of Strawberry Creek Ventures

Peter Loukianoff, Managing Partner of Strawberry Creek Ventures, believes Cal grads have a unique opportunity to leverage their Berkeley affiliation to foster and profit from next-generation companies spun out of its ecosystem.

Peter Loukianoff of Strawberry Creek Ventures

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Episode Summary

Peter Loukianoff, Managing Partner of Strawberry Creek Ventures, cut his teeth in venture capital by interning at Kleiner Perkins (formerly Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers) as an MBA student at Berkeley. There, he learned that VC is an apprenticeship business — that you learn by doing, experimenting, learning, iterating — and he’s since applied two decades of hard-won knowledge to cultivating a successful venture fund for Cal alums. One, by the way, that regularly co-invests with Kleiner Perkins and other top venture firms in the most competitive deals across the venture spectrum.

In this episode of Founders & Funders, Loukianoff details the personal and professional path that led him to Strawberry Creek. He also shares his passion for Cal’s renowned entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as the founders, incubators, VCs, and institutional partners that help strengthen the fund’s ties to Berkeley’s alumni community.

Says Loukianoff, “The future is incredibly bright [for our fund] because there’s such a remarkable talent base at Cal. There’s a great deal of research taking place on campus, and every year brings a new cohort of incredibly smart, driven students and faculty to enhance the school’s entrepreneurial atmosphere. Strawberry Creek is in a great position to leverage that community to invest in Cal-connected startups.”

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