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How we add value for our portfolio companies

Castor Ventures was very quick and easy to work with through the diligence process, easing the burden of fundraising and allowing us to achieve our goals. Moreover, since their investment, the Castor team has been a great partner as they have introduced us to dozens of business development opportunities.

Jan Schnorr Founder & CEO @ C2Sense

As as a founder, I found Chestnut Street’s investment process to be both thorough and seamless. My founder friends and I say, that if a VC wants to be A+, they have to be empathetic and responsive – of which you’re both.

Edrizio De La Cruz CEO @ Arcus

Green D personifies the VC who is humble, grounded, agile and helpful. From a cold email to the consummation of a deal within a month, to multiple introductions and being available whenever we reach out for help… kudos! A true role model for others in the VC world.

Saikat Dey Founder & CEO @ Guardhat

The Spike Ventures team has been incredible to work with. They have a very efficient due diligence process and are great people to know. The Stanford alumni network has already helped us getting access to potential partners and customers. They are a great value add with no strings attached, and I’ve recommended them as investors to other companies.

Kalpesh Kapadia Co-Founder & CEO of Deserve

Our Services

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Our Network

Post-investment, our Portfolio Services team will connect with management to determine how we can best leverage our extensive network (500k subscribers and community members across the country) to help support the company. This can take the form of introductions to advisers, board members, customers, future investors, potential new hires, and others.

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The professional rolodex of our ~50 Investment Team members

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410+ seed, early, growth, and late stage companies across all industries

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600+ advanced degrees and top business schools

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500k members, including alumni of top universities, engaged in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

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Review job postings from our portfolio companies. Search by industry, company, funds, topics, and locations.

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Once you submit your information, we will review the details. If the opportunity fits our investment model and our current portfolio needs, then one of our investment teams will reach out to schedule a call.