AVG Investment Process

Data driven, processed-based deal scoring, experienced team


AVG is stage and industry agnostic, aiming to create diversified venture portfolios that include investments from a variety of industries, from pre-seed to pre-IPO stage. We are also exclusively co-investors, meaning we don’t lead rounds, negotiate terms, or sit on boards. Below are some of the criteria we consider when evaluating an investment opportunity:

  • Lead Investor – Who’s leading the deal, and what kind of experience do they have with this industry? What is their demonstrated conviction?
  • Team – Expertise in the industry, startup experience, success, and history of team cohesiveness
  • Company Traction / Performance – Given the stage of the company and the amount of capital it has raised, how much traction has it achieved to date?
  • Market Dynamics – The factors that impact the business model of the company
  • Deal Structure – Structure of the investment and valuation

Low Friction

With AVG’s model, we’re able to run an extremely low-friction process for the management team.

  • We don’t negotiate terms – we invest alongside established VC firms on the same terms and conditions
  • We don’t request board or observer seats
  • We do one capital call and write one check, regardless of how many of our funds invest in the round

Flexible Check Size

AVG has a flexible investment range, which allows us to work well as a complement to other investors, rather than a competitor:

  • We can flex our check size depending on the dynamics of the round and the needs of the company
  • Given our complementary nature with other VCs, we’re often able to make introductions and to use our extensive network to add value to the company 

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