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Stumbling Upon SQZ
March 3, 2020

While working on his PhD, Armon Sharei discovered a unique method that could change the field of cell-based therapeutics as we know it. Traditionally, scientists have used viruses to manipulate cells, but the SQZ method eliminates this viral middleman. Sharei founded SQZ Biotech to bring this technology to market and has landed nearly 10 patents since.

Creating the First Nationwide Youth Transportation Platform
March 3, 2020

Three working moms created HopSkipDrive to help families find safe, reliable rides for their kids. Parents and schools can schedule alternative transportation with highly-vetted drivers and track their child’s location during the trip. The platform has experienced consistent growth thanks to partnerships with hundreds of schools in high-density areas of the US.

Using DNA to Cure Viral Infections
March 3, 2020

Excision BioTherapeutics has made significant breakthroughs with CRISPR-based therapies using genome editing to cure viral infections at the source. The company is developing treatments that eliminate infectious viral diseases rather than suppressing or stalling their effects, with focuses on HIV as well as Herpes, Hepatitis B, and John Cunningham Virus.

Trading Short-Term Thinking for Long-Term Value
March 3, 2020

LTSE is aiming to transform and improve the public stock markets with a new “Long-Term Stock Exchange” built around innovation and sustained value creation. A deal with LTSE presented AVG with a unique opportunity to invest in one of a handful of SEC-approved stock exchange companies in the US.

Investors at the Gate
February 28, 2020

Every one of the 400 companies AVG has invested in has a founder’s story. It almost invariably starts with someone seeing a problem or an opportunity, bringing something unique to the table, and committing (often for decade or more) to build something better. Mike Collins, Founder and CEO of AVG, shares AVG’s story of disrupting the VC industry.

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