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Investors at the Gate
February 28, 2020

Every one of the 400 companies AVG has invested in has a founder’s story. It almost invariably starts with someone seeing a problem or an opportunity, bringing something unique to the table, and committing (often for decade or more) to build something better. Mike Collins, Founder and CEO of AVG, shares AVG’s story of disrupting the VC industry.

Including Venture Capital in Generational Investing
February 25, 2020

The venture asset class can be a key component of an investor’s wealth planning strategy. In a recent article, Cambridge Associates explains why venture capital can be an attractive option for investors aiming to create sustained wealth and engage future generations in the wealth planning process. 

EP 62: Meet a UCLA Bruin Helping His Fellow Alums Invest in Venture Capital
February 20, 2020 Larry Jen | Managing Partner of Westwood Ventures

Larry Jen is Managing Partner of Westwood Ventures, a venture capital fund for UCLA alums under the umbrella of Alumni Ventures Group. The Anderson School MBA discusses his investment experience in Silicon Valley, his decision to join Westwood, what it means to be a UCLA Bruin, and why his fellow alums should add venture capital to their portfolio.

EP 61: Baking a Healthy, Entrepreneurial Snack
February 18, 2020 Brianna Makaric | Founder of BRITE Bites

Brianna Makaric struggled to find a healthy snack that fit her dietary needs. So she decided to create BRITE Bites, made with high-quality superfoods and probiotics to help support your immune and digestive systems. Brianna is a Grant Recipient from the 10,000 Entrepreneurs program (or 10KE), a nonprofit founded by Alumni Ventures Group to help young adults explore entrepreneurial careers.

Venture Returns Outperform Public Markets
February 11, 2020

Top-quartile venture capital has outperformed the S&P by ~2x over the last 5-, 10-, 15-, and 25-year periods. The VC industry as a whole has outperformed the public markets on each of those time horizons as well. AVG provides actively indexed venture portfolios to investors and co-invests alongside top-quartile venture firms in the overwhelming majority of its deals.

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