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A Q&A With Nathan Graber-Lipperman
October 31, 2019

Nathan Graber-Lipperman was awarded a $2500 grant by AVG’s 10,000 Entrepreneurs (10KE) program to support his work on his startup, Powder Blue Media, while he attended The Garage’s pre-accelerator program at Northwestern University. Learn more about his summer experience and how he’s using a digital platform to build real-life conversations.

Entrepreneur in the Spotlight: Compound CEO Janine Yorio
October 30, 2019

Compound has developed a technology platform that lowers the barriers to residential real estate ownership in major cities. The company is led by Janine Yorio, a Yale graduate and a real estate investment/private equity industry veteran. We connected with Yorio for a quick Q&A about her business, important entrepreneurial lessons, and what she reads for inspiration.

Paper Gains Explained
October 28, 2019

Between their initial seed round and preparing for an exit or IPO, successful companies regularly raise capital which assesses the value of their business. AVG’s Chief Investment Officer Anton Simunovic outlines the process companies and venture capitalists use to determine valuation, and how an up-round can signal strong exit returns.

Support the Builders, Makers, and Creators
October 25, 2019

At AVG, we believe the world needs more builders, makers, and creators, and our team is committed to helping cultivate the next generation of game-changers. That is why we created 10,000 Entrepreneurs, known as 10KE, a non-profit with a mission of helping young adults explore entrepreneurial careers.

What Sea Turtles Can Teach Us About Venture Capital Diversification
October 18, 2019

Baby sea turtles are born into a dangerous world – only 2% of these young reptiles will ever make it to adulthood. While the odds against them might seem insurmountable, the number of eggs sea turtles lay has decreased their risk of extinction. This same principle can be applied to your strategy of venture capital diversification.

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