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Deserve Founder Kalpesh Kapadia’s Experience Built a Thriving Company
December 17, 2019

After 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a policy change stating that social security numbers would no longer be issued to incoming foreign students. According to Deserve founder Kalpesh Kapadia, this eliminated the ability of thousands of students to establish credit. “If you do not have a Social Security number,” Kapadia says, “you […]

Jonathan Meltzer aims to support both the global and local Penn ecosystems
December 5, 2019

As Principal at Chestnut Street Ventures, Jonathan Meltzer is responsible for sourcing, evaluating, and executing venture capital investments. His experience ranges from the role of associate at Goldman Sachs, to investing in private companies at American Capital. We recently caught up with Jonathan to learn how he came to join the Chestnut Street team.

Entrepreneur in the Spotlight: FUTURE/PROOF Co-Founder and COO Aimy Steadman
December 5, 2019

The alcohol market is experiencing a sharp increase in demand for single-service packaged wine, hard seltzers, and high ABV flavored beverages. FUTURE/PROOF (formerly known as BeatBox Beverages) is tackling all three of these product lines. Co-founder and COO Aimy Steadman talks about building the business and important entrepreneurial lessons she learned along the way.

Entrepreneur in the Spotlight: Rhone Co-Founder and CEO Nate Checketts
December 5, 2019

Rhone is a premium performance lifestyle brand developed specifically for men. CEO and Co-Founder Nate Checketts felt that men’s activewear was an afterthought, and the quality and fit of men’s apparel was not being properly addressed. We connected with Nate to talk about his business, important entrepreneurial lessons, and what he reads for inspiration.

AVG Exits JUMP Bikes: A 3x Return After Just Two Years
November 14, 2019

Originally founded in 2010 as Social Bicycles, JUMP Bikes has been a leading innovator in the bike-share market. Their business model reimagines the future of city transportation. The JUMP Bikes opportunity checked a lot of boxes for us. We saw a world-class management team, a large and growing bike-share market, demonstrated traction, a top co-investor, […]

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