Smart, Simple Venture Capital Portfolios

For Investment Advisors and their clients

Are You Offering Your Clients Smart, Simple VC Portfolios?

  • This asset class has historically delivered good returns over many periods
  • More equity value creation today is happening pre-IPO than ever before
  • VC only loosely correlates with other asset classes
  • Some sophisticated institutional portfolios have a venture allocation of 5-15%
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AVG Provides Your Client Unique VC Portfolio Options

  • AVG Total Access Fund provides our most “index-like” portfolio of ~200-300 deals, minimum investment of $100K
  • AVG funds are diversified by sector, stage, geography, and lead manager
  • AVG co-invests alongside leading venture firms
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White Glove Service for Investment Professionals

  • We are set up to serve you and your clients
  • Compatible with major online investment platforms
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  • See AVG Performance
  • Online portal available 24/7
  • Single, annual K-1s in March for each client; simple distributions
  • Regular newsletters, exclusive events, and quarterly, mark-to-round reporting
  • Minimum investment of $100K for a full VC portfolio
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AVG’s Unique Network Opens Access to a Powerful Asset Class 

  • AVG’s Total Access Fund is a diversified portfolio of ~200-300 investments
  • Deal access is fueled by deep alumni ties from 17 AVG funds for alumni and friends of the community of schools like Dartmouth, Stanford, Harvard, MIT & more
  • Sourcing & due diligence by ~50  full-time AVG investment professionals in five offices across the country
  • Third most active VC firm in the US in 2019 (PitchBook, by # of investments)
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