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Alumni Ventures Group creates and manages venture capital funds for accredited investors seeking smart, simple access to diversified venture portfolios. Fueled by a disruptive business model and an innovative solution for an underserved market, AVG is growing rapidly.

We’re looking for talented deal team members and support staff who are excited about changing the way people think about venture capital. In return, we offer a generous salary and benefits package, plus a supportive work environment and career growth opportunities alongside a team of talented, motivated performers.

We’ve excerpted this section below from our “Working at AVG” document made available to final candidates:


We provide the smartest, simplest way for accredited investors to invest in hard-to-access asset classes such as venture capital.


We are a diverse, hardworking, and entrepreneurial team of investment professionals who are quantitative, fact-based, and process-oriented decision makers. We are self-aware, curious learners, continuously improving in our service to customers, shareholders, and teammates.

You can also check out our opportunities for young professionals interested in getting involved in VC through our Fellow Program or our paid internship openings for undergrads and grads seeking entrepreneurial experience. All of these opportunities are available below through our job board.

“What’s unusual about Alumni Ventures is the amount of time, talent, and effort we put into designing our work environment. Our people drive our success, so it’s both the smart thing to do and the right thing for us.”

Mike Collins CEO

“AVG offers an environment where small, collaborative teams work together to solve problems, create opportunities, and drive our fast-growing company forward. My colleagues are smart, agile, dedicated, and passionate about their work. Our teams are encouraged to take initiative and valued for their contributions. There are multiple avenues for personal and career development, and the company is generous with recognition, comp, and benefits. It’s a tremendously rewarding experience in all respects.”

Hilary Ncala Vice President of Investor Engagement

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