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Why Add Venture Capital to Your Portfolio

  1. VC returns have been strong over many periods
  2. VC returns are largely uncorrelated with other asset classes
  3. A great way to be an impact investor

1 Cambridge Associates, Venture Capital Benchmarks
2 Top Tier, The Inverse Correlation Between Venture and Public Markets

Smart Individuals and Asset Managers Invest in Venture Capital

  1. Many top-performing endowments allocate ~15%+ to venture capital and other private investments
  2. More and more value is being created in private markets pre-IPO
1. Endowment and foundation data as reported to Cambridge Associates LLC

AVG Is the Right Way to Invest in Venture Capital

  1. To maximize the chances of 3x fund returns, the bigger the portfolio, the better
  2. AVG funds are diversified by stage, sector, geography, lead investor, and vintage year
1. Steve Crossan, “Modelling suggests rational venture investors should have bigger portfolios”

Co-Investing with Strong Lead VC Investors via AVG

  1. Venture capital is a Power Law (hits business) asset class
  2. We access these investments through our subscriber and community member network
  3. Team of ~50 experienced venture investors dedicated to making the best venture investments possible
1. Steve Crossan, “Modelling suggests rational venture investors should have bigger portfolios”

The AVG Family of Funds

Select the fund that fits your investing goals

Core Funds

For new venture investors who want a
smart, simple, diversified portfolio.

Focused Funds

For supplementing a Core Fund
with specific venture strategies.

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